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Mahayana Landowne (Yana)  Is an innovative and inclusive workshop leader.  She has lived and worked with creative communities in New York for over 20 years.  She is a trained performer; a professional Theater Director working primarily on new and collabrative work;  a professor at John Jay College teaching courses in articulation of vision and self expression; a former  Project Manager for Creative Campus Grant Baruch College.  She is a strong believer in an individual’s capacity for connecting to and enhancing their Creative Abilities.

Workshops for Individuals:

Develop your creativity

You are Creative.  

We help you to give yourself permission:

to open up to your potential.

to recognize your instincts,

to trust your process.

Workshops help you: find new sources of inspiration, break through creative blocks, take pleasure in your imagination, give yourself the permission, time, and encouragement to do creative work, and develop a daily practice to accomplish these goals.

And, remember , like the imagination itself, the Workshop is fun.

Exercises  stimulate and free up the imagination.

You will have leave with tools you can use on your own.

We help you believe in and connect to your creativity

To get over creative blocks and the fear of failure

To engage your curiosity

To recognize and use your creative instincts

Give yourself the time and permission to do creative work

Workshops for Business

Do you know what the hobbies, talents, dreams and gifts are of each and every one of your employees? If not, you may be missing out on the full potential of your business, and in making a difference in the lives of the people who work for you and with you.

An investment in the self, and an investment in the creative and innovative ideas that come from the people that work for you and with you, will not only create an amazing and prosperous work environment, but you will be changing peoples lives, by bringing creative and whole people to work, rather than having people leave their incredible talents hidden at home.

Your business will benefit by having “more” of your employees show up for work, bringing a multitude of talents with them.

Our fun, inspiring and motivational programs are designed for team building, to inspire creativity, to encourage individual expression, and to promote wellness in the workplace. For the employer, this means happier and healthier employees and overall, a more pleasant and enjoyable work place. For the employee, who spends so much of their day at work, this means a more satisfying life experience.

Do you want to connect to your creativity?

What does that mean?

Discover ways you can expand your potential

Give yourself permission

Change your perspective

Learn how play and enhance your life experience.

You are a unique being with a perspective and ability to shape the world around you.

You have a lot of potential.

Enhance your creative problem solving skills

See the world through new eyes

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