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The workshop I lead was about empowerment.

First we wrote down all that was or could be bothering us- our obsessions.

Then we did intertwining statue work to warm up, build trust, open up imagination and have fun.

Then everyone went into the woods and created a “sacred space” -open to interpretation-

Then we came back and wrote a list of things that bring joy.

We then chose one item from each list and created gestures based on items. A positive and negative gesture. The gesture is a way to remind yourself physically of what you desire in a moment that may feel out of your control.

Then people went back to their spaces and performed their gestures there, practicing them and building a physical and visual memory of the moment to enhance their memory. When they next bring the gesture into their lives they will connect it to their sacred space and this retreat.

We then came back together and shared some of the gestures.

All had a good time and felt they had grown from the process.

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